Hello, friends, family, and former backers!

We emerge from our Eternal Glacier with Good News! Not only are we still alive, but we have big plans to streamline the game, make it more accessible for new players, and, most importantly, really nail down the aesthetic to that retro gaming feel pioneered by the Pixelsmith himself, Kyle Olson.

What does that mean for you? Well, we’re going to be running a new Kickstarter in the coming months, and we need your help. See, we’ve got interest from several stores in the DC and Portland areas, but the only way we can get this game ready for that level of production is through a retail-level printing. That costs a whole bunch of money, as it turns out. Thus, we’re starting up the hype for Cards: The Attackening!: Retail Armageddon now. We’ll be running demos at local game stores soon, and we’d love for you to come check out CTA 2.0!

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as local lawns and telephone poles, for updates.

Tuskily yours,

Aaron and Josh