About Us

Stay awhile, and listen

There are many stories related to the formation of Wanton Walrus Productions. Some are fantastic, others are horrifying, but none are true.

For example:

  1. WWP was formed in Chernobyl as a result of a dare
  2. WWP is actually a single, sentient being born of Man’s collective hubris
  3. WWP is a front for a cult dedicated to the return of the Old Ones, long may their tentacles grow

However, none of that’s true. (Except the last one. Ia! Ia!)

In actuality, Wanton Walrus Productions, LLC is the brainchild of Josh Robinson (@beardmask) and Aaron Simon (@AaronCSimon), who met through a mutual acquaintance when they started writing for the insanely popular indie review site Bullet Reviews. Okay, it’s not that popular. Also, it’s now defunct.

Josh was the Gaming Editor and Aaron the Book Editor. Both masters of their respective domains, they collaborated on a few different ventures both within and without Bullet Reviews. This took the form of podcasts, Let’s Plays, columns, etc. until Bullet Reviews eventually imploded like so much Starkiller Base.

Toward the end of their time at Bullet Reviews Josh had an idea for a card game. He was playing more tabletop games than were considered healthy by medical professionals, especially those who hold dear the DSM-5. However, his supply of fresh games had run dry. In a fit of withdrawal, he started jotting down the names of cards and mechanics that would eventually form Cards: The Attackening! However, knowing that while he did “werd guud,” it might help to work with someone who also “werded guuder.” This is where Aaron came into play, being a state-certified Master of Words.

The two collaborated for months and realized, after many long nights on Skype, that they had something here. Something that they hadn’t really seen anyone else do yet: a multi-player card combat game all contained within a single box. No booster packs, no starter decks, no thousands of dollars spent in vain hopes of pulling the card that would complete a deck. Just a fun, simple game with a few surprises that both gamers and whatever we call people who don’t play games could enjoy without breaking their respective banks. Indeed, a single box they could share.

The two founded Wanton Walrus Productions and from there they hired famed Pixelsmith Kyle Olson (olsonmabob on Behance) to illustrate their dreams. Eventually, they even launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring their madness to life, with the help of almost 200 radical people. They’re currently working on an update to Cards: The Attackening in preparation for a retail printing in Fall 2016.

Josh lives in Maryland, where the deer and the blue crabs roam, with his wife and two cats.

Aaron is a single and disease-free Writerman who Summers, Falls, Winters, and Springs in Portland.