If you’ve journeyed far and wide to arrive here in search of one thing: awesome card games, then you’ve made it to the Promised Land, my friend. If you’re here searching for the premier studio for walrus-related documentaries, you’ve got the wrong place. If you ever find it, though, let us know. We’re just as curious as you are.

Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers proclaimed, “Yo, dudes, is there something we can do in between matches in CCG tournaments? Todd’s still playing, so we can’t go out for a beer because of his whole in-the-zone thing.” We heard their lamentations and responded in the only way we knew how; we made a game. That game is Cards: The Attackening!™ and it will blow your mind.

Cards: The Attackening! is the definitive pictures-on-paper-rectangles combat game of this or any other millennia. The game supports 2 – 5 players with a single box and is based around a group of heroes and rogues—known as Attackeners—battling for prestige using a vast array of Pets, Weapons, Armor, Items, and special Evasions to do what they do best: Beat the tar out of each other. Fate, in classic form, intervenes and mixes things up a bit. The game includes 111 cards in a hard-top box, instruction manual, and a six-sided die.

Though we created the game with fellow übernerds in mind, Cards: The Attackening! has proven fun for even non-nerds with home gardens, mortgages, and tax accountants. You know them. They’re the people who like Star Wars, but can’t tell you who Lando’s co-pilot was in Return of the Jedi1 or what species Admiral Ackbar is.2 Those people deserve to have fun, too, and we wanted to include them.

We’re proud to say that this game is a Kickstarter-funded project. In September 2014, with the help of our incredibly generous backers, we received enough funding to finish the game and send an initial run to print, in addition to getting the raw materials mined from the Art Quarries to forge a couple of expansions. Our next goal is to Kickstart a new campaign to bring Cards: The Attackening! to retail. Imagine it, card games in a store! In addition to that, we’ll be upgrading the game with a larger box, more dice and life counters (also dice),  and including our fancy new instruction manual! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and our Blog for more information. We’re on Twitter, too, if you just can’t get enough.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the game! We don’t want to brag, but we had to buy some pretty powerful magnets to put this thing on our Moms’ fridges.


1 Nien-Nunb

2 Mon Calamari